Basic Watering Care:

  • Pot must be able to drain
  • Soil be must coarse
  • Soak soil thoroughly when watering
  • Between watering, let soil dry down completely
  • If you want the plant to grow less, water less

Light Requirements:

  • Give it as much light as possible
  • Easy to fit on window sill
  • Shaded windows will force the plant to stretch to look for light
  • Succulents can be pruned & shaped if put in a dappled light location

Plant & Fertilize:

  • You do not need to fertilize succulents often
  • Rocks in bottom of planter which does not contain a hole
  • Mix in slow release fertilizer or compost when planting
  • Light & Temperature dictate the color performance more than fertilizer

Gift Ideas:

  • Weddings Favors
  • Rest Home or Hospital Gift
  • Work Associate (Birthday, Holiday, etc)
  • Housewarming Gift
  • Miss You Gift

Office Ideas:

  • Great for reception location
  • Great for adding life on your workstation
  • Great for employee of the year gifts
  • Succulent have personality!
  • Waiting room

How to Decorate:

  • Succulent Wreaths
  • Miniature Gardens (great for kids!)
  • Wedding Bouquets and table settings
  • Terreriums, pots, wood, and rocks
  • Tips & Techniques

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