With increasing concerns over water availability, we feel that succulents are the decorative plant of the future.

Crisp Succulents is a program made up of exciting modern low water planet friendly plants that are grown with the environment in mind. Started by the Van Wingerden family located in Blaine, WA, Crisp succulents provide an amazing opportunity to have or give a gift that could very well last a lifetime.

The Van Wingerden family has a long history of growing all starting with Leendert Van Wingerden who began growing plants back in 1910 as he harvested and sold crops from the back of his wagon in the Netherlands. Carrying on the tradition, Leendert’s sons & daughters traveled across the Atlantic to North America and set up very successful greenhouse businesses from coast to coast through the 1960’s. In 1980, Mike, a 3rd generation Van Wingerden, established 14 acres of growing space in Blaine, WA and quickly built a business well known for excellent service and high-quality plants throughout the Pacific Northwest. Mike, with his sons & daughters, nurture many varieties of interesting plants as well as operate a premier garden center located right inside the greenhouse.

Growing on the Pacific Northwest success, Mike and his family decided to launch a national brand Crisp Succulents which are grown year round in Washington state.

There are many uses for the succulents we grow here at Crisp.

The succulents can be made into amazing gifts that can if taken care of properly last a lifetime. The nice thing about these gifts is that they are grown with the environment in mind as well as being very low maintenance. Some of the succulents we grow are a hardy variety. This means that then can be grown outside as ground cover or as an interesting focal point to a Xeriscaping garden.

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